Tree Craft Grows with Three New Canters

Jun 15, 2018, 12:54:00 PM

Already impressed with the payload and agility of their Canter 3.5t, Tree Craft Arboriculturalists ordered two new models to add to their workforce. 

Having operated for over 20 years in South-East London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, having these two new models at their disposal means that Tree Craft can perform their range of services better than ever before. 

Strength and agility

Often covering rough ground and negotiating tight spaces, the Canter 3.5t provides all of the maneuverability and rigidity that Tree Craft need. The vehicle's ladder frame chassis, which is the same as in the 7.5t model, offers the rugged strength and durability of a 'proper' truck rather than a van-based model.

Canter 3C15 & Atego 816 - Tree Craft - content - 1 - 792x435

This design also provides the 3.5t vehicles with considerable agility, something which is essential for Tree Craft. Russell Coombs, co-owner of the company, said, "The 3.5 tonne Canter carries a full load particularly well compared to other types of vehicle we've used in the past. For us, though, the Canter's biggest advantage over the competition is its brilliant turning circle. 

"We're always towing chippers and plant trailers and when you're working in towns and cities maneuverability is crucial. We used to have real difficulties negotiating mini roundabouts, but not any longer. When it comes to trailer work, the Canter wins hands down." 

> Get the full picture: download a Canter 3.5t brochure.

Two new models

Although both vehicles sported grey livery, Comfort day cabs and high-sided tipping bodies, they provided two different transmission options. The first new vehicle that they ordered was a 3C15 model, with an advanced and economical 3.0-litre engine and a 110 kW (150 hp) output via a DUONIC automated dual-clutch transmission. 

Canter 3C13 & Atego 816- Tree Craft - content - 2 - 792x435

The second was a 3C13, powered by a 96 kW (130 hp) version on the same four-cylinder unit, paired with a five-speed manual gearbox. By purchasing these two different models, the company could try them out on the job together and consider which transmission option fits which of their services and jobs. 

Working with Mercedes-Benz Trucks

As well as ordering their new Canter models from Mercedes-Benz Dealer Sparshatts Truck & Van, Tree Craft have also taken on a Mercedes-Benz Atego, which they're equally as pleased with. "That's a great truck," said Russell, "It hasn't missed a beat either, and is really strong - nothing we've loaded or pulled behind it has ever made it struggle." 

Tree Craft also rely on the workshop team at Sparshatts' Tonbridge to keep their vehicles on the road, meaning that they don't just get vehicles, but an all-round service. 

"They're very good at reminding us when inspections and services are due," says Russell, "We can take a truck down at the end of the day and they'll work on it overnight, so it's ready for collection at six the following morning. This means our vehicles are always available for work when we need them." 

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