Growing up with Canter: TR33 and the 3C13 Model

Jan 8, 2018, 12:52:00 PM

When it came to replacing his 3.5t Canter after 13 years, choosing the new model was a no-brainer for David O’Brien.

The founder of arboriculturalist company, TR33, has been using FUSO Canters since the business began. Initially selecting the Canter for its toughness and mobility, its design made it perfect for the needs of the business. So when it came to replacing their original model, selecting two new 3C13 Canters was an easy choice.

“That vehicle has been amazing”, says company founder David O’Brien. “She was involved in an accident early on but she came back from that and has never let us down.”


TR33’s partner for business growth

The new models are part of the company’s fleet of 16 vehicles, which are used to carry out a full range of grounds work, estate maintenance and landscaping. Beginning in 2001 and working primarily in South Wales and the South West, the TR33 team has grown its services and now travels as far as Sheffield, with the Canter as their constant business partner.

“I was a ‘one-man band’ back (in 2001), with a single battered truck,” says David. “Today...we are a team of 30 qualified arborists, horticulturalists, mowers and cutters who are fully focused on providing the very best in arboriculture and horticulture.”

He also says that the Canter’s adaptability to the growth of the business and its range of jobs is what has made it a key partner for the company.

“The fact that it does not have a bonnet meant we were able to specify the bodies we needed yet restrict the overall length of the vehicles,” says David. “This makes life a lot easier for our crews, particularly when they’re working in built-up areas.”

> Get the full picture: download a Canter 3.5t brochure

Made to meet the business’ needs

These new bodies were created by Dragon Fabrications, Newport, and were complete with locking cupboards immediately behind the cabs; ideal for storing power saws and smaller equipment.

“That vehicle has been amazing”

This, in combination with the Canter’s high towing capacity makes it ideal for carrying the team’s kit, including tow push mowers, strimmers, blowers, sprayers and other equipment to different jobs.

Great Mercedes-Benz service

Alongside the vehicle’s abilities, the high-quality service from Mercedes-Benz Dealer Euro Commercials meant that adding two new models to his fleet was an easy choice for David and his company.  

He said, “The Canter is attractively priced and has proved to be highly cost-effective to operate. Euro Commercials’ Sales Executive Huw Salway was very helpful when we came to order and specify these new vehicles, and we are optimistic that the Dealer’s after sales service will prove similarly professional.”

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