"A great addition to our fleet"

Sep 12, 2018, 11:53:15 AM

In February 2018 we surprised our competition-winner Jonathan Sweetland with a Canter 3.5t to use in his building contractor business. After a 6 month trial, he tells us what he thought:

Canter can do what others can’t

“When the Canter was delivered 6 months ago, I was extremely surprised. I had been kept in the dark for the whole week, my wife had told me that there was a big client coming in and all of a sudden I had to go out the front and there was a big truck in the yard!

As a building contractor, the Canter’s been a great addition to our fleet over the 6 months we’ve had it. It’s actually been used every day since then.”

Bigger payload = fewer trips to site

“Prior to the Canter arriving, we’ve always had vans or van derived tippers. The Canter’s got a greater payload capacity, means we can take less journeys to site.”

A comfortable cab with great visibility

“The guys have loved driving the truck, they like the cab, like being right up front. The visibility at the front’s great. Comfort in the cab has been great, the gas assisted seat has been really nice, going up and down the local roads, which are quite pot-holed, it takes out all the bumps and the humps.

Regarding driving position, one of the features they really like is they are really far forward, so you can see right over the front and see where you are turning.”

Perfect for a tight spot

“Getting onto the smaller sites has been great, we can get materials closer to where they are needed onsite and drop them off, then pull it back out again without too much hassle. The larger vehicles can’t get onto the sites. And the guys have loved the turning circle on the Canter.”

Thumbs up for Canter

“People have asked me whether we would recommend it to them, I’ve always said yes, it’s been a great addition to have. We’d definitely consider using Canter long term for a fleet vehicle.”

Sweetland Winner 09

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