“They look after us very well”

Sep 12, 2018, 11:48:43 AM

Paul Jones, founder of Soyfoods, is delighted with his environmentally friendly Canter Eco Hybrid 7.5t and the service provided by Dealer Mertrux.

Soyfoods, based in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, is the first UK manufacturer of tofu and a supplier of organic produce. The company uses their Canter Eco Hybrid to make regular deliveries to customers located along the M1 and A1 corridors, plus send it into London two or three times each week.

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Canter can reduce environmental impact

“We make a lot of our deliveries in London and other urban centres where high levels of nitrogen oxide mean the air quality is very poor,” observed Paul. “Anything we can do to help alleviate this crisis by choosing a vehicle which offers significantly reduced emissions has to be worthwhile.

“The Canter Eco Hybrid commands a price premium over a standard, diesel-engined version. But we should recoup most, if not all, of this additional outlay through the savings we’re making on our diesel bill.”

23% fuel savings

The Eco Hybrid model is powered by a 110 kW (150hp) diesel engine which works in parallel with a state-of-the-art 40 kW (54hp) electric motor. From stationary it uses electric power only, then switches to a combination of diesel and electric operation once a speed of around 6 mph has been reached. Depending on the power demand, the electric motor also supports the diesel at higher speeds; mode switching is seamless, requiring no input from the driver. An Idle Start-Stop system is fitted as standard and contributes to fuel savings by the Eco Hybrid of up to 23% compared to a standard, diesel-engine.

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Supported by the Mercedes-Benz Dealer network

FUSO Canter is part of the Daimler Group, which means the Mercedes-Benz national Dealer network is on hand to provide sales, servicing and support, with extended opening hours and authorised repairers at 78 Dealerships nationwide.

Soyfoods have a great relationship with their Mercedes-Benz Dealer Mertrux. “Our relationship with Mertrux dates back to the mid-1980s,” says Paul. “The Dealer provides a highly professional service. Several members of the team at its Leicester branch have been there for as long as I can remember, and they look after us very well.”

A loyal customer

Having founded his business 45 years ago, Paul purchased his first Mercedes-Benz vehicle, also a 7.5-tonner, in 1980 and has remained loyal to the brand ever since. He ran Atego light trucks for many years before switching to Sprinter vans but purchased the Canter Eco Hybrid after strong customer demand dictated the need for a bigger vehicle again.

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