“It hasn’t missed a beat”

Sep 12, 2018, 11:51:59 AM

Ian Back, Logistics Manager at Purity Brewing Co is a big fan of the FUSO Canter 7.5t.

Purity Brewing Company, which operates from an idyllic, working farm in rural Great Alne, Warwickshire, is now running its third 7.5-tonner.

Canter 7C15 - Purity Brewing Co (13)

Canter can deliver every time

Ian knows the truck perfectly meets their needs, enabling them to deliver Purity’s champion beers to thirsty customers: “The Canter’s great strengths are its body and payload allowance, which we make full use of, and its outstanding reliability. We bought our first a couple of years ago and it hasn’t missed a beat. This robust engineering and build quality have proved invaluable in enabling us to meet our delivery commitments to customers.”

And Drayman Luke Hatton, who joined Purity in 2016, is also a fan: “The Canter is very easy to drive and a lot more comfortable than our previous trucks.”

Efficiency champion

Ian continues: “The Canters are returning at least three or four miles to the gallon more than the trucks we were using previously, while the fact that we seem to be getting through fewer tyres these days would suggest that they’re also lighter on their feet.”

Purity’s Canters offer a carrying capacity of around 4,000 kg, at least 1,000 kg more than a conventional 7.5-tonner. This means competitive running costs and cuts down mileage, as each Canter can carry more so fewer trips are required.

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Perfect for the city

Purity’s first two FUSO trucks are fitted with 18 ft bodies but the latest has a 14 ft curtainsider. “The Canter’s cab-over-engine design contributes to its impressive turning circle but given some of the tight spots we’re increasingly having to access in city centres we’ve gone for maximum manoeuvrability this time,” explained Ian.

A real eye catcher

He added: “The trucks are washed every night and double as highly effective mobile advertisements for our brand, attracting many positive comments from customers and others who see them on the road.”

Supported by the Mercedes-Benz Dealer network

FUSO Canter is part of the Daimler Group, which means the Mercedes-Benz national Dealer network is on hand to provide servicing and support, with extended opening hours and authorised repairers at 78 Dealerships nationwide.

Although Purity’s vehicles are maintained by a local garage, the company relies on Mercedes-Benz Dealer Midlands Truck & Van for warranty and parts support. “It’s reassuring to know that should the worst ever happen, the Canter is backed by the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Network,” says Ian.

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