Enviro Waste Extend their Family of Canters

Jun 22, 2018, 12:54:00 PM

After trying out two 7.5t Canters on the job for two years, East London waste operator Enviro Waste have now taken on a pair of 3.5t models as part of the team.

Having been attracted to the FUSO Canter range by the body and payload allowance, the maneuverability of the 3.5t vehicles make them perfect for navigating around London's streets. 

With this team of Canter models, Enviro Waste can not only carry more, but carry it to and from tighter locations, perfect for their inner-city work. 

Canter 7C15 & 3C15 - Enviro Waste content-2-792x435

Why did Enviro Waste choose Canter? 

Based in a recycling centre in Leyton, the family-owned waste operator needed vehicles that offered both the payload and the maneuverability needed to carry out their services for domestic, construction and commercial companies in and around the city. 

These features are what initially attracted the company to the 7.5t model, which had both the strength and the compact body that they needed. 

"It's a brilliant urban vehicle," said Operations Manager, Mark Oates. "We run an intensive operation up to six days per week, and made full use of the Canter's carrying capacity. Its minimal footprint and cab-over-engine design mean the vehicle is also highly maneuverable and ideally suited to work in tight city streets." 

> Get the full picture: download a Canter 3.5t brochure

What 3.5t models did they choose? 

The two 3.5t models that they chose have lots of features that make them more fuel efficient. The 3C15 vehicles run on an economical 3.0 litre common-rail turbo diesel engine which efficiently transfers 110 kW (150 hp) of power through the DUONIC dual clutch automated gearbox. 

Canter 3C15 - Enviro Waste content-792x435

It also has a DUONIC transmission which, when used in Eco Mode, can significantly reduce fuel consumption. Being fuel efficient is not only important for Enviro Waste as a business, but also in terms of reducing emissions. This contributes to their environmental commitment which also sees 92% of the waste that they collect diverted away from landfill. 

What do they think of their Canters so far? 

"The Canter is certainly economical to run," said Mark. "While the lads are really happy with the semi-auto box."

The company are also impressed by the reliability of the Canters, plus the fact that they're all on the same chassis and supplied by the same Mercedes-Benz Dealer, S & B Commercial.

"S & B's support was also key to this decision," said Mark, "Its Truck Sales Executive Sam Setterfield is responsive and liaised closely with the bodybuilder to ensure that the vehicles arrived exactly as we wanted. The CharterWay contract hire package is also highly cost-effective, while the workshop team at S & B's Thurrock branch are very customer-focused." 

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