"It's doing exceptionally well"

Oct 23, 2018, 3:47:42 PM

Craig Hutchings, Director of Warwick-based New Horizon Logistics, has nothing but praise for the emissions-busting FUSO Canter Eco Hybrid 7.5t. With a large payload and eco-friendly approach, it has made a welcome addition to the New Horizon fleet.

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Canter: the cargo carrier

The company has been distributing parcels and pallets since 2003, and a truck with a good payload is essential for business. Luckily, the Canter Eco Hybrid has exactly that, and is responsible for a large increase in productivity.

“The Canter can carry cargo weighing up to 3.3 tonnes,” praised Craig Hutchings. “That’s a major improvement on our traditional 7.5t trucks, which offer a payload of around 2.5 tonnes."

The compact design of the electric motor and batteries means the 7C15 weighs in at only 160 kg more than the standard diesel-powered Canter, making heavy deliveries an easy task. This is invaluable for customers such as the US-based publisher who uses New Horizon Logistics to distribute large crates of books to local primary schools.

Environmentally friendly

The state-of-the-art motor also allows the Canter to run exclusively on electric power until it reaches speeds of 6 mph, when a combination of diesel and electricity automatically transitions in. Mr Hutchings says this eco-friendly approach to driving is enormously popular with their environmentally conscious customer.

“The majority of the schools we deliver to are located on housing estates and in other built-up areas where the vehicle is running on electric power only,” he explained. “Our American customer is delighted that its consignments are reaching their destination in such an environmentally-friendly manner.”

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Furthermore, Mr Hutchings makes it clear that it's not just the environment that benefits from the hybrid engine, as it has also slashed company fuel bills. In fact, the Canter nearly doubles average mpg for the New Horizons Logistics, he explains.

“The Canter is doing exceptionally well in terms of economy. If the driver stays in auto we can get anything up to 24 mpg, while in manual the returns drop to around 18 or 19 mpg. By contrast, our other vehicles of the same size are doing about 12 mpg.

Savings of this magnitude are particularly welcome given that fuel prices are starting to creep back up again, and will make a significant difference to our bottom line.”

Supported by the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Network

FUSO Canter is part of the Daimler Group, which means the Mercedes-Benz national Dealer network is on hand to provide servicing and support, with extended opening hours and authorised repairers at 78 Dealerships nationwide.

The new truck is the first supplied by Midlands Truck & Van to New Horizon Logistics, and will be maintained at their Coventry workshop. Like other members of the German manufacturer’s franchised UK Network, the Dealer is additionally responsible for sales and support of the Japanese FUSO range.

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